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Earth Digging Experts

Need a site prepared? Welcome to East Point Earthmoving. We provide comprehensive earthmoving and excavation services for commercial, industrial, civil and council clients throughout Byron Bay—from Cape Byron Lighthouse to Byron Wetlands. Using state-of-the-art excavators, we provide:

Whether you need machinery or dirt moved, we are your experienced solution. Best of all, our rates are highly competitive. Ready to get started? Speak to our team on 0435 771 565 to book. Click here to see our previous projects.

Why Choose Us?

Here’s a list of reasons why you should choose East Point Earthmoving as your go-to earthmoving contractor in Byron Bay:

That’s just the beginning. Ready to start digging? Speak to our friendly team on 0435 771 565 to book a service.

Bulk Earthworks

We provide bulk earthworks, preparing the commercial or industrial site in Byron Bay for construction or specific landscapes.

Detailed Excavation

Our team provide detailed excavation services for commercial, industrial and council clients throughout Byron Bay and surrounds.


We lay asphalt and dirt driveways for homes and businesses throughout Byron Bay and surrounding areas.


We are your experienced asphalt contractor in Byron Bay, laying asphalt driveways, roads and dams.

Heavy Haulage

Need heavy machinery transported? We provide heavy haulage solutions in Byron Bay, transporting large and oversized items from A to B.

Material Supply

We supply a variety of quarry materials for commercial, civil and industrial clients throughout Byron Bay.

Importance of Earthmoving

Earthmoving is an important process for many industries and projects. It involves using heavy machinery to move large amounts of soil, rocks, sand and other materials to create a level surface or make room for new construction. Earthmoving equipment is also used in mining operations, landfill sites, road construction, agricultural fields and more. In all of these applications, earthmoving can be vital to the success of a project.

Earthmoving is necessary for many residential and commercial projects to prepare a site for building construction. Without proper earthmoving, it would be impossible to build things like homes, offices, factories, schools and other structures on certain sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of a dirt driveway:

  • Cost-effective compared to paved driveways
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Adds rustic charm to your property’s exterior
  • Provides a natural look that blends into the landscape

Heavy haulage refers to the transportation of very large or unusually shaped items or materials that exceed the normal weight limits and require special attention. This type of transport usually requires specialised equipment, such as heavy-duty trailers and cranes, and highly trained personnel to ensure safety during the move.

Earthmoving involves removing large volumes of topsoil and soil material, while excavation involves digging and moving smaller amounts of material such as rock, concrete and asphalt. Excavation is often used for structural foundations, land clearing for construction sites or landscape maintenance. Earthmoving is typically used for larger-scale projects like road building or dam construction.

Earthmoving is a term that encompasses a variety of activities involving the movement and reshaping of large volumes of soil, rock and other materials.