Providing Heavy Haulage in the Northern Rivers

Heavy Machinery Transport

Got a piece (or fleet) of heavy machinery that needs to be transported? You’ve come to the right place. At East Point Earthmoving, we provide heavy haulage solutions for commercial, industrial and civil clients throughout the Northern Rivers, including Byron Bay, Ballina and Bangalow. Our licensed and experienced drivers operate drop deck semi-trailers to transport heavy and oversized loads safely. What’s more, we obtain any necessary permits or approvals required to streamline the process.

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Heavy Haulage Benefits

Heavy haulage offers numerous benefits, such as increased efficiency in transporting goods, cost savings due to reduced fuel use and labour costs, improved safety for drivers and cargo and better environmental protection through more efficient vehicles. Heavy haulage also allows companies to move their goods more quickly and efficiently, reducing turnaround time and production costs. The use of heavy haulage also ensures that the cargo is delivered safely and securely, avoiding any potential damage or losses during transit. Heavy haulage can also reduce overall emissions from transportation and provide an economically viable solution for large-scale transport needs.