Professional Bulk Earthworks in the Northern Rivers

Large-Scale Earthworks

Bulk earthworks are typically required for large-scale construction projects. The purpose of bulk earthworks is to create level platforms from which the engineer can begin to lay the foundations of structures like roads and buildings. At East Point Earthmoving, we provide bulk earthworks for commercial, civil, industrial and council clients throughout the Northern Rivers, including Byron Bay, Ballina and Bangalow. Whether you require a specific landscape or need the site prepared for construction, we have the operators and excavators to get the job done right. After hauling the earth away from the site, we use a compactor machine to compress the remaining soil.

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Bulk Earthworks Benefits

Bulk earthworks can offer a range of benefits for construction projects. One advantage is that it can reduce the overall development cost since it eliminates the need to move soil from one place to another manually and reduces the labour costs associated with this process. Additionally, bulk earthworks can save time compared to traditional soil excavation and backfilling methods, allowing construction projects to be completed more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, since bulk earthworks involve compacting the soil in place, there is also less risk of ground movement during the construction process. This helps to ensure that projects remain stable, and any structures built upon the soil remain safe.