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Site Preparation Experts

Welcome to East Point Earthmoving. We provide comprehensive earthmoving and excavation services for commercial, industrial, civil and council clients throughout Bangalow—from Lawlers Lane to Sleepy Creek. Using state-of-the-art machinery, we provide:

And more. Whether you need us to prepare a site, lay some asphalt, or supply quarry materials, we are your experienced solution. Best of all, our rates are highly competitive.

Ready to get started? Speak to our friendly team on 0435 771 565 to book. Like to see our previous work? Click here.

Why Choose Us?

Here’s a list of reasons why you should choose East Point Earthmoving as your go-to earthmoving contractor in Bangalow:

The list goes on! Talk to our friendly team on 0435 771 565 to book a service.

Bulk Earthworks

We provide bulk earthworks, preparing your commercial or industrial site in Bangalow for construction or specific landscapes.

Detailed Excavation

We provide detailed excavation services for commercial, industrial and council clients throughout Bangalow and surrounds.


We lay asphalt and dirt driveways for homes and businesses throughout Bangalow and surrounding areas.


We are Bangalow’s go-to asphalt contractor, laying asphalt driveways, roads and dams for commercial, industrial, civil and council clients.

Heavy Haulage

Need heavy machinery transported? We provide heavy haulage solutions for businesses throughout Bangalow and surrounds.

Material Supply

We supply a long list of quarry materials for commercial, civil and industrial clients throughout Bangalow and surrounding areas.

Importance of Earthmoving

Earthmoving is an important part of any construction project. It involves the moving and reshaping of soil, rocks and other materials to create a level surface for building or other activities. Earthmoving can include anything from simple excavation and grading to more complex tasks such as digging trenches, removing vegetation, relocating boulders, levelling land, backfilling and more.

Earthmoving is essential for the success of many construction projects. Without it, many projects would not be possible or practical to complete. Earthmoving can provide a stable surface on which to build, help you move materials around a site easily, develop proper drainage systems, create access roads for equipment and remove obstructions in the way of progress. Earthmoving is also a key factor in preventing flooding, land erosion and other damage to the environment by creating properly functioning drainage systems and stabilising slopes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asphalt is a highly popular material for roads, as it provides a hard surface that is both durable and capable of withstanding heavy traffic. The material is easy to apply and can be quickly fixed if any wear and tear occurs. Additionally, asphalt is relatively cheap compared to other materials such as concrete or stone.

Bulk earthworks are required when large amounts of soil need to be moved or reshaped in order to facilitate construction activities. For example, when constructing a dam, the surrounding area will need to be dug up and reshaped in order to contain the water.

No, freight and haulage are not the same. Freight refers to the goods, materials or cargo that is being transported from one destination to another. Haulage, on the other hand, is the service of transporting goods, materials or cargo with a vehicle.

Yes, dirt driveways need to be maintained to keep them functioning properly and looking their best. Regular maintenance should include grading the surface, removing any debris or weeds and filling in any low spots with gravel or sand.